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Dianthus Japonicus

Observed: 29th June 2013 By: PanoplyPanoply’s reputation in Plants
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This was grown from seed a few years ago. It survived the winter by being brought indoors, another struggled on outside and a third died, but scattered seed everywhere and I now have dozens of them sprouting up.
This particular plant is growing in a pot with a jasmine, which isn't ideal. The pot is about 25cm tall, for reference.
The first photo, with the close up of the leaves, was taken in late June, while it was still growing. The other two were taken at the beginning of August, when it first started to flower.

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The flower looks just like a Pink (Dianthus) but the leaves are different. I don't think it's Soapwort as this has 3-veined leaves and the plant in the photo doesn't.

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It is certainly proving quite

It is certainly proving quite a puzzle! I've just added a third photo to show its full size.
The flowers do look like Soapwort and Dianthus, but the leaves definitely don't. The seed pods look like those of a Dianthus, so it must be in the family somewhere.

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Oh! I've got it! It's a

Oh! I've got it! It's a Dianthus Japonicus! Almost every website that mentions it says how difficult it is to identify!