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Ailing Apricot

Observed: 9th August 2013 By: alisauros
Ailing Apricot

We put this previously bonny tree outside in May, a little too early so it got a bit cold at night. Since then the leaves have gradually been removed when brown, new buds are there, green wood underneath, the roots look fine, but the tree refuses to grow a single new green leaf.
Any ideas welcome. Should we plant it in the ground and cover with fleece through the winter? Or bring it back inside? We have fed and watered it all summer to no avail.

  • Apricot dwarf tree
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I'm unfamilar

with either the dwarf or normal varieties, but if you search the web you will find a lot of comments, many (as usual) conflicting.
Quite a few say that the dwarf varieties are "unreliable".
In my experience, you may - for whatever reason, either weather or pests - stress a plant early in the season. It then seems to "shut up shop" for the rest of the year. If you're lucky, it resumes normal growth the next spring.

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Ailing apricot

Thanks, we'll coddle it like a baby through the winter and try again next summer...then, if no good - and don't tell it - it's either bin or bed. What a choice. Appreciated. Ali