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Hopper - Issus coleoptratus - Buckinghamshire

Observed: 1st August 2013 By: Martin Harvey
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Issus coleoptratus - Great Kimble-004
Issus coleoptratus - Great Kimble-003

This genus is distinctive in shape, and is one of the larger hoppers in the UK. There are two species, of which this is the commonest, but I've only seen it a couple of times. This was on Traveller's-joy in a hedge.

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Very, very strange...

The markings on this one are extremely pronounced for coleoptratus, although I agree that's what it is, based on the frons. I assume you've seen this?

So much for not normally being at all stringly marked...

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Yes, I spent a long time trying to turn this into muscaeformis, which would have been a new species for me! But I think it is coleoptratus, and as you say shows what variation there can be in the markings.

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