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Hedge Woundwort? (not red-flowered nettle)

Observed: 26th June 2013 By: Paula-in-ChiPaula-in-Chi’s reputation in PlantsPaula-in-Chi’s reputation in Plants
2013-06-26 10.07.48 nettle close-up
2013-06-26 10.08.10 nettle in context

A number of tall, what appeared to be ordinary stinging (not dead) nettles, alongside this path had red flowers, rather than the usual greenish ones. Are these a different type?

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Thank you for IDs

Feeling rather silly and resolving to look more closely in future! Thank you for correcting my "red-flowered nettle" assumption (I was sure it was a nettle, so I didn't touch it!). I now know what Hedge Woundwort is.

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The most convincing nettle mimic ...

... is Lamium album (white dead-nettle), which can still confuse me at times in the absence of flowers/fruits, but Stachys sylvatica (hedge woundwort) is close enough that I have been fooled by non-flowering plants in the past.

In flower, the different nature of the flowers, distinguishes nettles from labiates (including dead-nettle, hemp-nettles and woundworts). The prickly hairs of hemp-nettles do actually sting a bit at times, but it may be purely mechanical, rather than chemical as in nettles.

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still learning

Additional info. like this really helps - thank you.

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Also distinctive of woundwort

Is an unpleasant odour when the leaves are bruised.
I think the flowers are under-rated for their delicate colouration.

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re-visted today!

This time I touched a leaf - very "furry" underside (felt most odd) and as a result experienced the distinctive unpleasant odour described!