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Bindweed of some kind

Observed: 8th August 2013 By: JohnQ
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I've just noticed ...

... that the location is given as being in New England. If that is correct, the set of candidate species is different, and Calystegia pulchra is not among them.

Most of the US species are restricted to the west coast.

Looking at the bud at the bottom left I'm going to revise my identification to Calystegia sepium. (The flower in the centre looks to have overlapping bracteoles, but it's not clear, but the bud has non-overlapping bracteoles.)

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That is correct, this was

That is correct, this was taken in New England. I've added a few more photos to help in identifying it.

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This is a British site ...

... and in general we don't know much about the specifically American flora. In this case we have the problem that New England has a different set of species (sepium, silvatica, spithamea, pubescens/pellita vs sepium, silvatica, soldenella, pulchra) and different regional variants of the species that we have in common.

There is a fairly recent (Haines' Flora Novae Angliae) flora of New England.

You could also look at this web page, or the USDA plants database.

I suggest Calystegia sepium ssp. appalachiana.