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Bombus terrestris and parasites

Observed: 8th August 2013 By: Phil TrationPhil Tration’s reputation in Invertebrates
Bombus terrestis - with parasites?

When going through my photos I noticed that the bee seemed to be carrying guests. I have combined various shots in one photo. The 'mites' are not very clear but I was trying to take a pleasing picture at the time, not a micro-photo. The bee did not seem to be hindered at all - it was not an easy target as it zoomed from flower to flower.

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The mites

May be "phoretic" - i.e. just hitching a lift on the unsuspecting bee.
Hopefully the experts will be able to confirm.

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An interesting thought - they

An interesting thought - they don't have thumbs, do they?

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I'm not sure -

but that mite be the case ;-)