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Damselfly - male

Observed: 12th July 2013 By: jemmans
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Blue Damselfly

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Please move this to

Please move this to invertebrates. It is not a reptile or amphibian

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Hi, Try looking at a photo of


Try looking at a photo of an azure - and the second segment where there is a U-shaped black mark...I think its an azure blue for that reason.

Matt B

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Broad antehumeral stripes.

Not sure S2 can be seen well enough for an ID but the antehumeral stripes have it.

And yes this obs. needs moving to the inverts.



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Hi Ray - Excuse my ignorance,

Hi Ray -
Excuse my ignorance, but do the 'antehumeral stripes' confirm its id as blue or as azure? I ask as someone completely ignorant of the world of damselflies, but interested nevertheless!

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Hi Pam, just too easy to fall into jargon.

The antehumeral stripes are the blue stripes on the main part of the body (the antehumeral region (surprisingly) of the thorax) just in front of where the wings join. On an Azure the stripes are narrow; the ones on this specimen can be seen to be quite broad and that confirms this as a Blue.

Compare to here

Hope that helps



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Ray - Thanks so much for your

Ray -
Thanks so much for your explanation. No need to apologise at all - I'm very grateful for the info, which will help me to be clearer about id in future. I was right about this one, but that was pure fluke!!
Thanks again.

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Also look out for...

I good thing to look for when IDing damselflies is the patternation on the abdomen or ‘tail’. This is divided into ten segments and entomologists number these S1 to S10 with S1 being closest to the head. S1 and 2 often have distinctive patterns that are diagnostic to species as does S9 and 10.



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Thanks, Ray. I have also

Thanks, Ray. I have also posted a photo of a Blue Damselfly, but have had no response! Maybe you could look at it and see if I have got it right!
Many thanks again. Every bit of info helps!