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Latest observations - Help with ID

How do posted observations get sent to Help with ID???



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As far as I can tell

By a bit of time passing without a Likely ID being arrived at.

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Thanks still getting to grips

Thanks still getting to grips with iSpot!
However I posted an observation with positive id:
ok no confirmations by anyone,
which is now on help with id! Also others of my postings have not come up on Help with id.
I think there is a conscious decision by some one to refer them.
Maybe one of the iSpot team can illuminate us!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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That entry

does not yet have a likely ID though. A entry gets a 'likely ID' if the people who agree an identification (including the person who originally identified it) have enough collective reputation to reach a certain threshold. When an identification reaches that threshold it turns orange and the words Likely ID appear next to it.

Reputation builds up on the site through people agreeing with your identifications of things. probably explains it better than I can.

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Help With ID

Is there a page with posts that have had no agreements?
How can I find it?

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There is not a page as such

On the ispot home page there is a set of scrolling images (the lower one) that have not yet got a 'likely ID'.

You can also use the Maps feature to search for entries without a likely ID.

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Got it. I'd looked through all the links but never thought to go to the home page.