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Observed: 14th February 2013 By: jscarbjscarb’s reputation in Invertebratesjscarb’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Prawn yes

Well it could be, as I've just found out.
If you can find another you will have to look quite close.
Check the other ones here (read the comments) in Other Observations to see how close you have to get.

Key Identification Features
>Almost transparent with brownish-red markings.
>Legs may be striped with yellow bands.
>Second pair of claws slightly larger than the first.
>Inner antennae are divided into three branches.
>Outer antennae are longer than the body.
>The rostrum (an extension of the carapace between the eyes) curves upwards.
>Up to 10 cm in length.
Look for the small forward facing teeth near top of head.
Like me you probably thought it was easy!
Good luck

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Thankyou, now I know why

Thankyou, now I know why people always mix up shrimp and prawns!

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Notes please

Welcome here Chris (Ashelby) and in the other two places.
Can you give us some definitive clues that convinced you - please?