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Fungus with pores

Observed: 7th August 2013 By: And_JenAnd_Jen’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
fungus with pores
fungus with pores
fungus with pores

up to about 10cm diameter. MORE PICS HERE


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Difficult to identify but

Difficult to identify but possibly Boletus.
I've come across similar white mould on Boletus badius and it is possibly Hypomyces chrysosperms

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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Definitely a Bolete.

Definitely a Bolete.

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I doubt that the bolete is identifiable, but I agree the parasitic mould is Hypomyces chrysospermus. It occurs on many boletes, including Paxillus and Scleroderma (earthballs), which are now confirmed by their DNA as boletes.


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thanks for help with i.d

thanks for help with i.d always appreciated.

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thanks for comments.out of

thanks for comments.out of interest i looked at the patch of fungus today and the mould had destroyed most of it. there was one bit left that had a slightly more bulbous yellow stem and the top was a reddish brown.