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_MG_6698 fish in net

Observed: 30th July 2013 By: miked
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fish caught in siberia and eaten by locals shortly after

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Rudd Scardinius erythrophthalmus

I think that is a rudd

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Rudd v Roach

Yes I understand why you say Rudd, one of the reasons why I put the confidence level only as ‘might be’ for Roach. Pity the dorsal fin is not visible which would (in relation to pelvic fin) be diagnostic. To me the mouth is not particularly upturned (I have down loaded the photo and rotated it) and the eye is not particularly yellow all of which would suggest Roach.

Another reason for a low confidence level is I’m not sure what other similar species may live that far into Russia.



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I've added a second photo

I've added a second photo taken on the same net, it may be a different species of fish but might help with the ID of the first one (or I will remove this).

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OK I’ve done a bit more research.

First off these are two different species; note the difference in fin colour and arrangement, shape of body dorsally above the head, mouth shape and eye colour.

Secondly neither fish is either a roach or rudd from what I can make out. Neither appears on a checklist of Russian fish and distribution maps found here www.cabi.org/isc/?compid=5&dsid=66337&loadmodule=datasheet&page=481&site... and here www.ittiofauna.org/webmuseum/pesciossei/cypriniformes/cyprinidae/scardin... support this hypothesis.

When I get a bit more time I’ll see if I can pin down something likely.