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Observed: 4th July 2009 By: JoJo’s reputation in Mammals
Bat (not sure which one)

These bats (around 80 of them)live in the cavity wall of the house for the last 8 years. I won a €200 from a bank for this picture so it is lucky to have them.

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Hope you have a licence

A licence is needed to do anything at all with or around any bat.

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Thanks for that, I love the Pipistrelle and sometimes they get into the house or several times a young one wont make it back to the vent and I have to take it off the wall and put it in a box until night or the sun would kill it. I have contacted the Bat society and they advised me! I am very careful and use a towel. The one in the picture was dead Also The national Bat count is starting on the 18th of June 2010
You don't need a licence to save bats.

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Having had money for a picture, you should know what the bat it is. I thought this sight was to identify, (and thanks for sharing)! Put it outside! Kluut is right. yes at dusk, if you find it in the morning. Pipistrelle.

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Several species carry rabies. They seldom bite, even when infected, but at least one bat group worker has died as a result.
Worth a gamble for £200?

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Cracking shot. I have the pipistrelle sharing my house also. When your living with Bats they inevenidably get into some form of trouble and have to be aided so no licence is needed for this, Always use a cloth or gloves when handling them.

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Let me see if I got this right.
You won £200 from a bank for a photo of a dead bat.
Isn't that a bit odd.

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Good point

Could I please have name and addres of who I should write to with my pic's of dead animals? Damien Hirst wasn't one of the judges was he?

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Dead bat

It won in the ( weird and whacky) section to design a credit card It was a promotional idea from Permenent TSB when they introduced the idea of paying to put your photo on a card .
Sorry its over now.

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Banks and bats

Given some of the insane things that the banks have done over the past few years, giving someone money for a photo of a bat seems relatively sensible.
And, everything else apart, it IS a good photo!

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Regarding some of the points above:
1) great photo - it really does show how small and delicate they are

2) A licence is needed to disturb

    bats ie getting a loft conversion if you have a roost there, but not just to pick up an ailing bat to help it. Licensed bat workers are volunteers for Natural England (or SNH, CCW)who will give free assistance to people with bat roosts.

3) A small number of bats in the UK have been found with a rabies-related virus. 10 Daubenton's bats (a species which rarely roosts around houses) have been found with the live virus. It's only sensible to wear gloves when handling wild animals, and if you are bitten, seek immediate medical advice.

4) Enjoy your bats, they're amazing creatures!

For more information, call the Bat Conservation Trust on 0845 1300 228


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