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Observed: 6th August 2013 By: loch visions
wasp reduced
wasp reduced2

wasp bringing in flies almost the same size as it too a wee hole in the ground made out of scraped earth

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Mellinus arvensis.

Mellinus arvensis.

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Philip, these are photos of M

Philip, these are photos of M arvensis, a ground nesting wasp that specialises in stocking its larval cells with flies - as seen in your excellent photos. Mydaea would you like to add the ID so we can agree with you?

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Hi, brilliant thanks, I have just done some video of this totally brilliant animal, what a creature, the flies they were bringing in were huge! Are the flies dead or is this one of the wasps that can paralyze the fly for a long period of time so its larvae has fresh food? How long does the paralyzing affect last for?

Totally amazing.
Not sure if you can post video but if can I will do as soon as edited.