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Which Oak, Sessile?

Observed: 2nd August 2013 By: StuElsomStuElsom’s reputation in PlantsStuElsom’s reputation in Plants
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The sessile and pedunculate

The sessile and pedunculate oaks both have very characteristically shaped leaves with a wavy edge forming a number of lobes. Beech trees have 'leaf shaped' leaves with a smooth edge. The fruit of the oak tree is an acorn which looks like a nut in a cup as opposed to the hairy beech mast shown in the picture here. The key difference between sessile and pedunculate oaks (from which their english names are derived) is that the acorns of the sessile oak sit directly on the twig ('sessile') whilst those of the pedunclate oak have a stalk or 'peduncle'. See here for a guide to identification of oak trees and other species:

Jonathan Wallace

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Copper Beech

Thanks Jonathan. Very useful ID tips.


Stuart Elsom