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Observed: 6th August 2013 By: Peter Orchard
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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This looks too big for common chickweed and the leaves are a different shape. Near the river in a bare patch of a water meadow often grazed by cattle. Common chickweed territory but someting does not fit for me!

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100% agree with LavateraGuy,

100% agree with LavateraGuy, although I would have thought S. neglecta (that I don't know well - only IDed one time) had sepals as long as petals. But I don't have books at hand and my memory is not that good those days.

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This looks like M. aquaticum

because the anthers are blue and the sepals are considerably shorter than the petals (rather than equal). I can't see the styles well enough to count them.

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I agree Martin - likely M aquaticum

The number of styles aren't clear in picture.
(Can see three out of focus areas indicating styles but one of these areas is three times larger so could be three not one - giving a total of 5 with an eye of faith and not science!)
Petals far longer than sepals as on M aquaticum
The stamens are not reddish at all as expected in S neglecta and sepals would generally be longer than petals too.
Not easy from photo though.