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White flower 001

Observed: 6th August 2013 By: Caggarx27
White flower long leaf
white flower 001

plant has really thick stalk with very thin leaves approx. 1ft long. Barely any leaves to the plant

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White flower in hedgerow

Spotted whilst walking across a field in Pleasley Vale, Derbyshire. The flowers were in the hedgerow and I would love to know what the name of this plant is.

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Onion family

I'm sure it is an Allium if sorts but need a little more detail to be more specific, but I agree, it is very beautiful. :)

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I think it must be Allium

I think it must be Allium vineale. but i can't be 100% sure. some more pictures would be helpful.

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It looks more like Allium oleraceum with the attenuate part of the spathe much longer than the broad bit, though I can only see one spathe per inflorescence as in A. vineale.