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Hymenoptera in cocoon ?

Observed: 31st July 2013 By: Bathyomphalus
East Holme (4) (Medium)
East Holme (Medium)

This 'cocoon' turned up in a freshwater sample from a wet woodland pond in East Dorset, although it seems likely to have been knocked in from surrounding vegetation.

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Can anyone help identify the

Can anyone help identify the Hymenoptera in this 'cocoon' please ?

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aquatic hymenoptera

There are some freshwater Chalcidoidea that these may be....? See but I'm way out of my comfort zone :-)

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If you have the emerged wasps

If you have the emerged wasps why don't you pack them up and send them to entomology at the NHM London. Try e-mailing them first, if they cant help (which I doubt) then gat back to me and I'll give Mark Shaw ex of the NMS our parasitica guru a bell for you.