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Charlock possibly 1

Observed: 6th August 2013 By: DorisDoris’s reputation in PlantsDoris’s reputation in PlantsDoris’s reputation in Plants
charlock possibly 1
charlock possibly 2

grows profusely in my garden;

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Species with which Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium officinale) interacts


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Both Sinapis and Diplotaxis have spreading fruits ...

... so the appressed fruits of this plant excludes these.

The small flowers would make it Sisymbrium officinale rather than Brassica nigra or Hirschfeldia.

Sisymbrium is heterphyllous; the leaves are different on the various parts of the plant, which can cause confusion if the basal leaves have been lost (I confused S. orientale for S. altissimum once because of this.) The foliage does look a bit off (but perhaps I'm confused by only seeing leaves from one part of the plant) but no other Sisymbrium has appressed fruits.

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I had overlooked that different identifications ...

... had been offered for the two photograph. I agree that there might well be two different plants here.