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Observed: 6th August 2013 By: VeteranoakVeteranoak’s reputation in Plants

This appears to be an upper surface leaf infection but has now spread to other oak trees. I have a tree nursery to provide plants for a nature reserve.

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I think that this is a leaf miner ...

... in which case ask in category invertebrates, but it could be a fungus (category fungi and lichens) or some other plant pathogen (category other organisms).

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Damage to oal leaves

I agree that it's very probably damage caused by a leaf miner. Incidentally, the tree appears to be a sessile oak, Quercus petraea, not English oak, Q. robur.

Steve Potter

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Yes, these are leaf-mines, maybe of the sawfly Profenusa pygmaea (but there are other possibilities). The leaf at the top of the photo still has its top layer intact, the other leaves look as if the top layer has worn off and we're seeing the inside of the mine. So presumably the larvae that created the mines are now long gone.


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