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Unknown dark brown caterpillar (added via Android)

Observed: 6th August 2013 By: leodufeuleodufeu’s reputation in Invertebrates
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1.5 - 2cm long. loops its body upwards to move. Quite distinctive markings along back.
found on my trousers once indoors so I don't know what plant to release it on!

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Thanks Amadan. yes plenty

Thanks Amadan. yes plenty Hawthorn around here, so brimstone moth likely. I'll put the caterpillar onto Hawthorn now. great thanks :-)

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Hi Leodufeu, I got an

Hi Leodufeu,

I got an identical one last night suspended form the longest thread Ive ever seen a caterpillar dangle from. It was hanging infront of my face in the middle of the road roughly ten feet from the bushes above. To be honest I didnt even notice if it was hawthorn it was hanging from, there seemed to be more hazel than anything else. Same state of development and colour, probably about 17mm or so.