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Dead shrew

Observed: 26th July 2013 By: John BrattonJohn Bratton’s reputation in MammalsJohn Bratton’s reputation in Mammals
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I'm not sure about this one. The tail looks a little too long and thick to be common shrew; however, it is too decomposed to be sure it is a pygmy shrew.

Graham Banwell

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I'm guessing you don't still have the carcass but if you do, you could check the teeth. If it's Common, the 4th tooth in the upper jaw (3rd pointed tooth behind the bicuspid) should be smaller than the 2 preceding it but in the Pygmy, it should be the same size.

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Thanks. It is probably still

Thanks. It is probably still where I left it unless something has eaten it. But it is past the fresh stage where examining the teeth would not be distasteful, and has not reached the clean bone stage where the same would apply. I'll maybe put it under a rock and look in a few months.

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I went back on 8th August but

I went back on 8th August but there wasn't enough left to bury - third photo.