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Observed: 4th August 2013 By: banstiebanstie’s reputation in Plantsbanstie’s reputation in Plantsbanstie’s reputation in Plants

Square, slightly hairy stem and arrangement of flowers similar to deadnettle or hemp family? There is only one other smaller plant or group about 6 feet further away. No others seen in this vicinity. A striking plant on account of its fresh green colour and lobed leaves. I don't think I've ever seen it before.

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Thank you! I've checked EOL etc following your suggestion and it does seem to fit. Never heard of it before nor seen it before. Is it relatively uncommon?

Never quite sure - do I just change name of observation and tick I agree on your ID?


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I think of gypsywort ...

... as a canal specialist, but checking my records I find that a significant proportion are from other, mostly waterside, sites, including some coastal ones.

It comes out as the 4th commonest marginal, after Phalaris arundinacea (which also grows in marshy areas), Typha latifolia and Iris pseudacorus. But commonness does vary geographically - there are plants that turn up regularly on iSpot that I've never seen.

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Not uncommon - often near water

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