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Large white

Observed: 4th August 2013 By: FenwickfieldFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in InvertebratesFenwickfield’s reputation in Invertebrates
Large white

Feeding on lavender had two spots on the wing so presume it's a female,lot's of small white's around too also feeding on lavender

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The black apical wing tip of

The black apical wing tip of the forewing can be seen, even from the underside, extending well down the wing margin, so this is almost certainly large white.
Two spots on the wing indicate female - may also have black "dash" marking as well.

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Thanks for the confirmation even though it was much bigger than the other white's I was still not 100% so it's nice to know it is a large white it was in lovely condition too.


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You may find this useful


The black wing tip mark of large white extends well down the side of the wing and on the female below the upper black forewing spot. Large white males lack the forewing spots, but the black wing tip marking still extends just as far down the wing to vein 3.

The small white has black marks across the wing tips not extending down the edge.

Markings of both species are very much darker in the summer broods.

Good photo.