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Re-Use Observation Data

A sequence of observations is often made at the same location, in many cases with the same observation details. For example, a sequence of photographs of different types of bee on the same plant. The ability to make a minimum number of changes to the initial observation to create others would save an awful lot of time and avoid typing of duplicate data.



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Interesting suggestion.

I tend to have batches of Obs to add, where the location etc are all the same.

I can see the value in being able to "copy" part of an Ob, rather than having to retype in all the details.

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
Field Guides for Budding Botanists:

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Copy & paste

I usually type my text and other details such as a reference or location into a separate word doc or similar, and then copy & paste it. That way I can make small changes for another ID/comment easily.


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Upload or Save

I use my mailer for this - though I rarely copy similar information from one post to the next. I may be unusual in using Outlook for mailing but it is simpler for preparatory research and intermediate work and far easier than Word - it auto-saves in the same way and uses FAR less computer resource. Any saved item (in Outlook) goes to drafts.
Can I widen this? Yes!
When one Saves a post it Uploads to the site. I'd like to Save my posts prior to Uploading them, so I can work on it a little later - you know like 2am.
I sometimes take a long time to create a lengthy post (some will have noticed) and if it sits in a Browser Tab, it is at the mercy of a power blip, a refresh, or my STUPID occasional click to another site, which means starting again. So my plea is if the site is to have a revamp, have an UPLOAD button and a SAVE button.

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Localities from the same location

Please see www.ispot.org.za/iSpot101_localities

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