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Painted Lady Caterpillar (Vanessa cardui)?

Observed: 3rd August 2013 By: hbrook1hbrook1’s reputation in Invertebrateshbrook1’s reputation in Invertebrateshbrook1’s reputation in Invertebrates
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It has a look about it

Like an early Peacock caterpillar, before the white spotting appears.
But that would be feeding on Nettle (possibly Hop), which doesn't seem to be the case here.

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It was on a lesser burdock

It was on a lesser burdock leaf, from memory. Could that still be a peacock?

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Not feeding, I think -

But it might have been knocked off a nearly nettle?
My old book lists several species that feed on Burdock, but none are a good match visually - in the book at least.
But one photo on the net -
shows a caterpillar of a related species, and there is a similarity.
See what you think.

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That looks like a

That looks like a possibility! Thank you for your help!