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Observed: 3rd August 2013 By: DavidHowdon
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Species with which White Poplar (Populus alba) interacts


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Are there any other features I could go back and observe to help be sure which Populus it is?

So long as it is tremula, alba or x canescens then the leaf miner on it is still identified correctly (if it were nigra or x canadensis it would be something else).

David Howdon

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The dense white indumentum means that it's either ...

... Populus canescens or Populus alba. However the foliage of suckers and young plants tends to be atypical - I've been confused by such material of aspen before - otherwise Rachy's rejection of Populus alba on the grounds of the absence of distinct lobing of leaves would stand. I favour Populus alba on the grounds that the indumentum of Populus canescens is less persistent, and it doesn't sucker/seed so readily.