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Large White Butterfly

Observed: 4th August 2013 By: InToSpaceInToSpace’s reputation in InvertebratesInToSpace’s reputation in Invertebrates

One of three butterflies I caught feeding on this plant. Need to get some of this plant for my garden.

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Different butterflies!!

These don't look like pictures of the same butterfly! One has a jagged hind wing, and the other doesn't. The one in the first photo looks like a female small white whereas the one in the second photo looks like a large white. The black areas on the wing tips differ, and this is a diagnostic feature of distinguishing species. On the large white the black area continues down the edge of the forewing, whereas on the small white it is more triangular shaped across the tip.

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Michael, you are correct,

Michael, you are correct, they are different butterflies but the markings where exact and the size identical. I could not get a photo of each with the wings open and closed (for identification proposes). I will remove the second photograph for the sake of clarity.

However, i must disagree with your ID of the first photo being a small white. It is more likely to be as i have ID'd it a large white.

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Size is not a diagnostic feature. What are your reasons for ID of the first photo as a small white?

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Well i didn't really say that

Well i didn't really say that size was a 'diagnostic feature', i just referenced it because they where identical in appearance.

In answer to your question, its all in the streak.

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I am not sure what you mean.

I am not sure what you mean. Female large and small whites can both have a black dash (streak?), although it can be more marked in large whites. Can you explain more?