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It has the appearance of very fine bright dark-green filaments and is slimy to the touch when attempts are made to collect it. The mucilage may serve to deter creatures which otherwise attach themselves to underwater plants, so Spirogyra under the microscope is usually spotless.

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Thank you Mark and Marlandza

This now has two agreements in 4 years - I count that a success for a freshwater algal post.


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Back from the future

Me too? I have just found this in the Test site, where I posted the same to see if it would group as Other Organism - no such luck. There is NO facility, as yet, in the Test site to change groups (should we wish to). Here, in the current site, people have often Grouped wrongly, sometimes by mistake and most often with Invertebrates.
We may now have to rely on iSpot to allocate the Group - iSpot NEVER makes mistakes, does it?.
So here I am, the result of an Other Observation in another version of iSpot. See mine here I will resolve the spirals soon.