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Ichneumon wasp

Observed: 2nd August 2013 By: Steve_VSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in InvertebratesSteve_V’s reputation in Invertebrates
Ichneumon 1
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Ichneumon wasp observed indoors. Length of body 28mm. It's not in my book. Any ideas?

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Hi Steve

Appears to be the same species I found in my moth trap. Have a look at my photo about 17 entries earlier.

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Ichneumon wasp

Yes, looks the same. I posted this on a few forums and the best match suggested is Enicospilus sp - the species name ramidulus was one mentioned, but that doesn't look right - more black on the upper abdomen and thorax in both your pics and mine.

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A nice record. A distinctive

A nice record. A distinctive ophionine, huge and with a characteristic colour pattern. This is a parasitoid of Lobster Moth larvae in southern England but usually rarely found. This month I've received three records already, which is unusual.

Gavin Broad

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Lobster moth parasite

Very interesting - I've only started taking a real interest in identifying the insects here in the last month or two, but even so I'm sure I've never seen this before in the last 20 years! I haven't recorded Lobster Moth here but my books say they specialise in Beech woods - there is Beech woodland nearby but it's a bit further down the hill (maybe 2-300m away). The night before this sighting there was a strong breeze up the hill, which may have wafted this beast out of it's normal very narrow territory. Very pleased to get a positive id, thanks.