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Albino Snail

Observed: 23rd July 2013 By: Capuchin
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I am looking for ID to the image of the Snail that I have uploaded it was found in my garden amongst fern and Fox-and-Cubs.
are these common as i have never seen one before in my garden and have failed to identify it

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If it's an albino

I'd expect the shell to be similarly affected, so maybe something else is going on here.

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albinism in garden snails

I had not seen this before, so I googled it. It is not unknown but probably uncommon. google it to see some similar images. Sometimes it seems the shell is also affected, but not in all cases.

Welcome to iSpot -I saw that dj had given you excellent instructions on how to post, and you have received your id.


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passed the post

Oh well done Liam - an excellent first post.
Like the others, I suspect the shell itself might show some signs of albinism - though if you think about it, the shell is far more likely to reflect diet and genetics.
It IS quite interesting and pretty rare, but I have seen one like this before, in another case weak banding.
I'd advise against 'spoiling' pictures with copyright logos. Be proud if someone uses your picture elsewhere. In my experience, which is long, people don't usually steal images like this but almost always ask first.
Pictures from iSpot OFTEN figure in Google images - already there in fact (Albino Snail)
So see how distracting your banner is?
Let enquirers use them for free, with a proper Credit to you - it will lead to greater things, you see.