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Nabis pseudoferus

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Nabis pseudoferus
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Nabis pseudoferus

EOL overview
Wikipedia overview. This shows the subspecies ibericus.

Defeats the object of having/using EOL and Wikipedia if the general consensus in the use of binomial names is disregarded.

The British Bugs 2012 systematic list has it as Nabis pseudoferus.
This is also an interesting read

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N. pseudoferus is said to differ from N. ferus in having fewer hairs on certain areas of the body. I don’t quite see how this distinction can be made from an image at this level of resolution. That being said, your specimen has three pairs of pale markings extending from the back of the head through the pronotum/scutellum area. They look too symmetrical to be mites. Is this then a structural feature specific to N. pseudoferus? I don’t see any other example among images of the Nabidae in British Bugs Gallery

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Note the placements of the white spots. They can be seen to match those of the specimen depicted on this site. All I can say in respect to the site I have used as a reference is, "It is very reliable re ides and is vouched for by British Bugs. As for the latter not having an image I think that is self explanatory. However I have recorded and snapped several British bugs which are not shown on BB. I hasten to add all of the latter are on the UK list, some of which were determined by Dr Bernard Nau.

I understand where you are coming from re ides from images but in this case the white spots say it all.