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Unidentified spider

Observed: 1st August 2013 By: PatrickroperInvertebrates expert
Unidentified spider

On 25th July I posted a picture of the larger spider here and it was identified as Metellina merianae. Today it was joined by a much smaller individual which I thought might be the male, though it appears too small. The two spiders hang there without moving and, apparently, without interfering with or touching one another.

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mattprince1969 probably correct

Red abdominal markings are unusual in E.latimana, so more likely to be one of the 'red' varieties of E.ovata. But genus ID is a safe bet!


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My determination is the better one..

Sensu lato means 'in the wider sense' therefore includes both Enoplognatha ovata sensu stricto (in the strictest sense) and e.latimana.

All the other UK enoplognatha species (mordax, thoracica etc) can be eliminated on appearance.

Variant redimita (the two red or black stripes on a pale background) occurs in both species within the e.ovata s.l. aggregate. It is the solid red shield (var. ovata) that is very rare in e.latimana.


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Sub Adult

Even if we could exam the spec it is sub adult and may have not the devloped features to fully ID it to species Best to genus I think (no reflection on your Obs or very useful comments )

Best Wishes


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I have to agree with Matt

Apologies Matt, as you know you are correct. I overlooked the fact that Enoplognatha ovata sensu lato includes both confusion species (i.e E.ovata AND E.latimana) and excludes non-confusion species such as E.thoracica (which is uniformly brown in this case). Very useful in a situation where a mature adult cannot be examined (including small immatures) and an ID more accurate than genus is required.

Best to All