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Food Cashing by Foxes

The cubs are now hunting independently (see www.ispot.org.uk/node/339409). I watched fascinated this morning as one of them, I think the larger more independent one, trotted across the garden with a bird (either a juvenile Blackbird or more likely one of the juv. Robins going on size) in its mouth. A small hole was dug, the bird placed within and then the hole was carefully filled, just for good measure various leafy detritus was pushed over the bare earth using the muzzle. There is some irony in the spot chosen – directly under the nyjer feeder!

I know foxes are a cashing predator but have never seen it before. Unfortunately the camera was in the other room. By the time I remembered I had the phone in my pocket (which I could have used in conjunction with the scope permanently trained on the feeder) the process was over and the fox trotted off.




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Fox caching

Thanks for this Ray, it's always interesting to watch animals as common as a fox doing something out of the ordinary. I wonder how good is their ability to find buried prey again?

Graham Banwell

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I've not seen the behaviour

but I've seen the result - a juvenile crow that we'd tried to rescue disappeared overnight and we found it in one of our vegetable beds: a feather had been left sticking out. I've seen the behaviour on TV - a David Attenborough programme on mammals - fascinating.