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Marsh 1453 sh

Observed: 26th July 2013 By: WildpadWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in InvertebratesWildpad’s reputation in Invertebrates
marsh 1453 sh

There appears to be 2 spiders here - is the top one a female Labyrinth spider - but who or what is underneath?! Would she be eating the male? There appears to be more legs underneath her...

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I think the male is on top

I think the male is on top and they're mating. I took a similar photo recently. See -

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Labyrinth spider

Well had I identified the top as being male, then that is what I would have thought! but I didn't!!! Then I discovered in references that they do meet up in late summer. I was thinking it was late for mating, but realise now that it wouldn't be! Guess I need to know more about their life-cycle - will make this my next item!

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To be honest

I'm surprised too that they're only just mating now because, from memory, it doesn't seem much later in the year that the webs start to disintegrate after the females have spun their egg cases and died.