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What type of Bees are these and general advice

Hi Everyone

Me and my neighbours had to move some wood and pallets in our shared garden and we discovered bees underneath. I've took pictures from my phone, but that is a close as I want to get to them!

Does anyone have an idea what they are. I am fascinated watching them and they don't seem too bothered, as long as you don't interfere with them. They seem to be going under a big clump of grass and then into the ground. Don't know how many there is. They are not a problem, just wanting to learn more.

I've put some photos online and also where the nest is.

Since we moved the wooden pallets, will the bees to too exposed or will they be ok? Should I cover them with something to protect them.

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Hard to be sure

but the bees are Bumbles of some kind. Their nests usually only last a season. So if you could leave the site as was for another couple of months, the colony will have gone and you can shift the pallets without damage.
If you have moved them, could some of them be put back, or could you (carefully) construct a small wood pile over the site?

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Hi Amadan Thanks for your

Hi Amadan

Thanks for your reply. I've put some wooden planks around the nest carefully to protect the nest and will leave it a couple of months before moving the pallets.

Thanks for your advice.