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Quaking-Grass (Briza media)

Observed: 9th July 2013 By: GaryTGaryT’s reputation in PlantsGaryT’s reputation in Plants
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Briza media is a very common

Briza media is a very common grass of chalk grasslands although it can be found on neutral soils, but perhaps not as so prolific. As well as taking pictures of a grass flowerhead, for id purposes it is also useful to take pictures of the leaves, and particularly the ligule, which is the translucent piece of tissue (if present) or hairs at the base of the leaf that can be seen by carefully pulling the leaf slightly away from the stem.

Given the location where you found it is very likely to be Briza media and not introduced Briza

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Photo suggestions

Thanks for the suggestion Michael. It is appreciated, i will try and use that from now on. I was told about things like that for Orchids too, just didnt think about it for this, was just cos it looked cool!!!!!