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Kestrel, maybe

Observed: 31st July 2013 By: David BlandfordDavid Blandford’s reputation in Birds
Kestrel, maybe

I believe this bird of prey could be a kestrel but the black mark on the face is confusing me. Appreciate if some one could confirm or correct me, thank you

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The black mark is the moustachial stripe or teardrop which is typical in Falcons.
This bird is a juvenile, so it's quite well pronounced.

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Black mark

It confuses me to - but I think it might be something on the camera lens rather than on the bird?

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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No just...

... a pronounced stripe for the reasons given by browntrumpet



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Scientific Name

David although you have a fair number of people who have agreed with your observation it is not linking in with other iSpot observations of Kestrels. iSpot works off the scientific name which should be in the empty brackets in your ID. iSpot helps with this by automatically (well almost) entering the name for you if you click the 'get recommended' button when setting up the observation. You could give this a second ID this time with the scientific name.