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Observed: 30th July 2013 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Plantsnightfly’s reputation in Plantsnightfly’s reputation in Plants
30 July 13 (26)
30 July 13 (25)

A large conifer, can it be IDed from the foliage pics attached? Caterpillars were found on it and it might help narrow down their species if the species of the tree was known.

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No interactions present.

Species with which Silver Fir (Abies) interacts


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Thanks very much for the ID

Thanks very much for the ID MrG, It is a tall conical conifer just as in the carousel for Abies, big tree. Those 2 little moths in the carousel for species which interact with Abies might even be what my larva is.

Thank you.


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Thanks again MrG, just

Thanks again MrG,
just realised I had neglected to agree your confident identification.