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Odd oak tree leaves

Observed: 31st July 2013 By: beccasrobertsbeccasroberts’s reputation in Invertebrates

Furry purple circles with white/yellow centres covering the undersides of most of the leaves on a small oak tree. (Apologies for poor photo quality.)

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It's hard to tell from the

It's hard to tell from the photo but from the description it sounds like spangle galls. From what I understand they are caused by one of several similar species of wasp.

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Neuroterus quercusbaccarum

Seems very likely to be these from photo and description. There are many of these common spangle galls around now.

A different generation of the same species produces currant galls on oak leaves and male catkins in spring.

I have a small oak in the garden which had currant galls in May and now has a good number of common spangle galls.


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