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Common Vole

Observed: 18th July 2013 By: jonnam318jonnam318’s reputation in Mammalsjonnam318’s reputation in Mammals
Common Vole
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There are no M. arvalis on

There are no M. arvalis on the mainland. It looks more like a very young Apodemus of some kind with a tail that long.

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Juvenile rodent

Agree with Mydaea - the common vole is only found on Guernsey and the Orkney Islands in the UK (although you were possibly thinking of bank vole), but this does look like it was going to be an Apodemus mouse - the nose is so blunt because it's such a young animal. Very sad to see it in the open when so young - unlikely to survive.

Gill Sinclair
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Poor thing! It is a young mouse, at this age you can not say wood or Yellow-necked mouse. Therefore, put up a new identification of Apodemus mouse sp. and I'll agree with it.

Graham Banwell

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Poor Baby

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Second thoughts

Looking hard this may indeed be a mouse but it is so like a vole.
I feel the need to modify the ID - and have. I came because the false ID was showing in Other Observsations - and will remain until Likely is changed.