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Triffid 001

Observed: 7th July 2013 By: diana piercy
triffid 001
triffid 002

This plant is currently about 2ft high. It appeared about three weeks ago and has grown very fast. It produces white trumpet shaped flowers not unlike courgette flowers in form. When the flower dies a spiny fruit develops. I do not yet know how large either plant or fruit will grow. I have no idea what it is but I have never seen anything like it before and I definitely did not plant it!

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Be careful poisonous!!

Be careful poisonous!!

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Not just poisonous ...

... but very poisonous - in the Abra/Atropa/Ricinus league.

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Datura identification

Thanks to all for your speedy response. So much for my hoped for discovery of exotic species. Now going out to burn the beastly thing.....

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It is fairly exotic ...

... it's an American species, which now turns up over much of the world. Cheshire Zoo had it as part of the "exotic vegetation" at their Tsavo Experience (the rhinoceros exhibit).

In Britain it's still quite rare - I recorded my first wild specimen only a few days ago - but commoner in the southeast. There's a 25 or more year old record from near your site (one tetrad northeastwards). It's the sort of observation I image county recorders being interested in.

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Only dangerous -

If eaten, really. You could conceivably get enough on your skin by hand-weeding, then licking yourself, I suppose. It won't attack you, and it's quite attractive.
It has actually been used as a hallucinogenic - not very strong, and the side-effects make it unpopular. But some people will try anything!

P.S for some real scare-mongering about it: