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Common Jelly Fish with 3 extra reproductive organs?

Observed: 22nd July 2013 By: Ama MenecAma Menec’s reputation in Invertebrates
Gower common Jellyfish 2013

It looks like a common Jellyfish but with too many reproductive organs as they are supposed to have 4 and this has this perfectly normal? Are the number of pink wedge shaped organs variable?

  • Common Jellyfish
    Confidence: It's likely to be this, but I can't be certain.
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I have seen all numbers

I have seen all numbers between 4 and 8. It is rare, but not that rare. And it is just Aurelia aurita.

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Variable numbers of reproductive organs

Thanks! I was concerned as it was not far by sea from a nuclear power station and I'd seen no mention of variable numbers of reproductive organs in any books.

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I've never noticed one with

I've never noticed one with more than 4, but there's been another on Ispot at
By the way, it'd be worth it to put up a 2nd & proper ID, Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita) ,which you can be "as sure as you can be" about.

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Make that between 2 and 8. I

Make that between 2 and 8. I have just seen several with 2 and 3 organs, and one with 5.