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Observed: 17th July 2013 By: Alex CropperAlex Cropper’s reputation in Plants
Cloudberry 17-7-13

Habitat is blanket bog on moorland.

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Species with which Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus) interacts


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If you could find this on the Cheshire side of the county boundary, I would be most interested!


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Am I right ...

... in thinking that Longdendale is badly underrecorded?

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Is Longdendale still

Is Longdendale still technically Cheshire?
I spend a lot of time at Dove Stone which does cross over old county boundaries so i'll keep an eye out on the old Cheshire side

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For (some) plant recording purposes ...

... Cheshire is frozen at a time in the past.

On the one hand that keeps the records geographically consistent over time. On the other hand it means there's a bit of land where I don't know whether the records should go the the Cheshire or the Staffordshire recorder.