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Observed: 21st May 2010 By: RoyW
British Dragonfly SocietyLondon Natural History Society
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Great photograph. Aren't

Great photograph. Aren't these just some of the best birds that you can ever see? Was watching and listening to a pair zipping up and down my local river when I was out doing some raptor survey work earlier this week? They were calling away chattering and 'chinking' at each other (second brood time presumably?).

I have such fond memories of dippers, as a kid, standing on a bridge over a tributary of the Tees and looking down as these extraordinary little things below me, jumped under the water and swam around in the shallows and scrabbled over the stones and pebbles. Then, much later, helping a friend catching and colour-ringing them as part of a local study. They have unbelievably strong feet (for obvious reasons); I well remember one we had caught, grabbing my jumper and me having real difficulty in gently prising its toes from the material.