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Mystery plant

Observed: 30th July 2013 By: wobygon
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Species with which Yellow Iris (Iris pseudacorus) interacts


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Thanks!! what is the key

Thanks!! what is the key characterstic that made you come to this decision???

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I'm looking at some right now out of my window growing by my pond and the seed pods and leaves look identical.

Edit - I should have added that mine are Yellow Flags.

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Yes a damp area

Yes a damp area

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I might have imagined this so please help.

Am I correct in thinking that I.foedidisdima had no papery-tipped spathe on each flower and fruiting body? Where I.pseudacorus does. (That is to say I.foetedisima loses its spathe entirely on flower burst)
Since thinking this now, just tried to look it up and I can find no mention of this feature? I might have made it up? :) Did I???

I have used that as a visual prompt, but its the smell of beef when leaf is crushed (I.foetidissims) that separates the two for me.