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Four spotted chaser?

Observed: 26th July 2013 By: Boro_BecksBoro_Becks’s reputation in InvertebratesBoro_Becks’s reputation in Invertebrates
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We have a male Broad bodied chaser at the pond who we have seen mating with a female which is what we though this was but upon closer inspection it looks like a four-spotted chaser, can anyone confirm?

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Latin name

Hi, you are correct but you need to add a Latin name. Add a revised ID enter the common name and press "get recommended" for the Latin name. It is this name that truly ID's your sighting and links it to others on iSpot.

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ID link below

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Thanks Chris, I have added

Thanks Chris, I have added the latin name. We have some exuviae on some of the plants in the pond which look quite broad. The pond has only been there for one year, do the chasers only take one year to emerge?

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If you have exuviae at the pond edge then they must have emerged from your pond. The larvae do not go far from the pond to emerge usually pond side plants and the like are preferred. Regards Chris.