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Cinnabar caterpillars dying from ?parasite

Observed: 27th July 2013 By: orchid_borchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebratesorchid_b’s reputation in Invertebrates

My thriving colonies of Cinnabar caterpillars all suddenly died. This is the remains of one with what could be a parasitoid pupa attached.
Last year I had huge numbers of Cinnabars which stripped the Ragwort. This year there are now none at all. Anyone else notice mass Cinnabar death?


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The fine filaments in your

The fine filaments in your photo look they might be like fungal threads. However, if you think they are parasitised collect a few and keep them and see what emerges.

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cinnabar parasites

not seen cinnabars parasitised before, all in our area look healthy. agree looks like some form of fungus.

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fungus infection?

I agree that this looks more like a fungus.

I can't find any information about fungus attacks on Cinnabar larvae though (although there is mention of fungi causing mortality in the pupal stage).

See also another recent caterpillar observation at:

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