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Ball of Spiderlings

Observed: 26th May 2010 By: ch7893ch7893’s reputation in Invertebrates

There is a 'ball' of spiderlings with yellow abdomens with a brown stripe to the rear on a small Japenese Maple outside our backdoor. I first spotted them at 9am in loose ball diameter 2.5cm. An hour later they were in a much denser ball 1cm diameter. Now (1:30pm)they are in the looser arrangement with a network of silk. I am intereted in species and the behaviour. Are these new hatchlings about to disperse? Spiderlings are still in a ball at 9:50 am on 28/05/10

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Yes, it sounds like you have found a group of spiderlings, very likely of the Garden Spider Araneus diadematus. Not sure how long they spend as a group before dispersing.

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Ball of Spiderlings

Thanks very much. I will keep an eye on them. I wondered if they might be garden spiders.