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Cultivar names

After entering a revised identification for a plant that includes a cultivar name to an observation, the Taxonomy links disappeared ( ) I assume that this is because the taxonomy data base doesn't contain cultivar names, so would it be better to add the cultivar name in the common name field. Anyone have any thoughts on this.



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We could just add them as a comment. It's often only a guess on my part anyway!

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cultivar name

It's correct that not all of the links will work if the scientific name is not in the dictionary, so the options are:

  • Type in the cultivar as part of the English name (and don't let the "Get Recommended" button over-ride it).
  • Add the cultivar information to the comments.
  • Type in the cultivar name into the Scientific name box and accept that the various links won't all appear - technically this is the most correct thing to do, because if you use a standard scientific name from the dictionary then iSpot will 'see it' as being a record of the wild species, and the record is likely to be passed on to the recording schemes as apparently being a wild sighting.

Personally I'd stick with the third option. If you use one of the other options you will in many cases be linking to the 'wild' species, so arguably the links are not relevant to the cultivar anyway.

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I should probably add that

I should probably add that the UK Species Inventory database contains a variety of non-native or cultivated plants that have escaped into the countryside and aliens that are of concern but we tend not to routinely add cultivated plants to the database because there is very little call for their distributions to be recorded and reported on :)