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Or even

I'm sure there is a technical term for transposing consonants in this fashion. I do it myself, and it seems word-specific. In my case, to my shame, it was my former profession, chemical "anaylsis".

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*** JAPANESE*** - Oops Sorry everyone :)

I thought I just did the Scientific - Honest!I wonder if I can blame the "Get Recommended" for this one? Lol Hmmm?

Certainly not proof reading didn't help though..... Especially when you can't edit it later. Oops!

Janapese - has a certain ring to it though don't you think. Lol...

Thanks for that Amadan :)

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Technical term

It's called "metathesis" ... I wouldn't worry, quite a large part of the English language is the result of it.

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"Being a bit of a thicky"?

Only joking!

I still can't say or spell anastomosing *wild guess* anastomising...

Rachy Ramone

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Can I blame it on thinking in Welsh?

Welsh, English or Latin in my head at any given point - No wonder spelling is a challenge for me Lol

I can't even say anastomosing or is that anastomising ;)

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My wife had to give up thinking in Welsh

She spoke Neath-area Welsh (not well), but when we moved to NE Wales it marked her out as a southerner - worse than a Sais like me (not sure about the spelling!) So she had to learn Rhosllanerchregog dialect, but that alienated her from colleagues around Bangor, so she ended up using three versions. Switching the mental gears when in a meeting of both "Gog" groups used to confuse her dreadfully. As someone who didn't even make O-level French, I gave up eventually.

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Failed "O" level French 3 times! :-/

I sat that exam 3 times as my Dad was certain that everyone in Britain would be speaking French as they were building the channel tunnel!

We weren't taught French at school for three years prior to this as our crazy French teacher preferred to read CS Lewis to us. If you asked to learn French he wept pitifully out of the window :-/ We were too nice to push it or complain really. I got D thrice! Not bad considering Lol

I agree that it does take a spell to get you "ear in" to different Welsh dialects and I would hate to have to try a formal meeting in "gog" welsh. :).
I find the most difficult thing is pronouncing unfamiliar Latin as my vowels can't decide on a Welsh or English take, so I often read a scientific name plant name for years in a bizarre way and then have to re-learn it once I've heard it said by someone.... I'm sure my Latin raises many a titter in botanical circles! :)